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School of Information and Communication Technology

The Spatial Technologies Unit at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University offers a short learning programme (SLP) in GIS to:

  • Acquaint the student with general basic concepts of Geographical Information Systems;
  • Familiarise the student with analysis of GIS spatial and attribute information data; and
  • Affirm that the student is able to develop a typical GIS Project.
The SLP consists of three modules which should be taken in sequence to complete the SLP. The module content consists of:
  • Module 1 = Basics of GIS data
  • Module 2 = GIS Analysis
  • Module 3 = Practical GIS Project
Each of the modules is offered through e-learning (Moodle), allowing part-time studies whilst normal day-to-day functions can continue. All modules will be offered in an applied and practical manner using the ARCGIS VS 10 software.
Submission of work: All three modules consist of a number of units each, with notes, exercises and assignments for students to study and complete. Completed assignments must be submitted for assessment. There are no examinations and all units must be completed within one year. During all stages of the programme, students can contact academic staff via telephone, fax or email. This offers students the support and guidance of leading academic tutors while developing the individual’s ability for self-study and time management.
Entrance is subject to selection by the Department. Candidates must have a matriculation certificate (Senior Certificate) or current minimum statutory NSC requirements for higher certificate entry must be met. Prior GIS work experience will be helpful, but is not a prerequisite for admission. Students can register for this SLP at any time during the year.
Applicants who are employed should consult with their workplace skills development facilitators to ensure that the SLP is aligned with and included in the workplace skills development plan. The workplace would then be in a position to claim back the investment made towards the employee’s SLP fees from the skills development levies that were paid.
Contact information
Ms. Margaret Brittian
SLP Coordinator and GIS Course Administrator
Tel: 041 - 504 3938